We've seen some of our favorite songs performed on just about every instrument, but we were not prepared to see two dudes perform the Presidents of the United States of America classic, 'Peaches' on actual peach halves in a grocery store.

Yes. 'Peaches' on peaches. You can watch the video, appropriately titled 'Weirdest Instrument I've Ever Played,' above.

Andrew Huang and Jan Willem explain the process very abruptly in the beginning of the video, stating that they'll use their bodies to conduct electricity (also known as capacitive sensing) through a total of 24 peach slices to trigger sounds on a laptop.


If you forgot about this song, you'll definitely remember it now.  And if this intrigues you, Huang has a bunch of videos of other odd covers on his YouTube page, like '99 Red Balloons' played on, you guessed it, actual red balloons.

And because we know you are dying to, compare the peach rendition of 'Peaches' with the original studio version below: