Guitarist Mike McCready of Pearl Jam was recruited to provide the score for 'Fat Kid Rules the World,' the cinematic directorial debut of actor Matthew Lillard. The flick, which is based on the novel of the same title by K. L. Going, is being rolled out to theaters in a very D.I.Y.-like manner via, a collective action web platform that enables individuals to choose which theaters will screen it.

McCready also composed and recorded original songs for 'Fat Kid,' which tells the story of Troy (actor Jacob Wysocki), an overweight and suicidal teenager who is befriended by Marcus (Matt O’Leary), a high school dropout and street musician who recruits Troy to play drums in his new punk band.

"I will say it's one of the greatest collaborative efforts of experiences in my life, in that [McCready] completely was subservient to the film and he’s the most egoless artist I think I’ve ever worked with," Lillard tells Buzzine of working with the PJ star. "All he wanted to do was help tell the story. I’m a first time filmmaker. I made mistakes. And the film was definitely flawed, but he helps you sit through them because he’s so amazing with that guitar."

Lillard has lined up a series of promotional appearances at this summer's Warped Tour, during which he will be recruiting concertgoers to set up screenings in cities along the tour route and elsewhere. Request a screening of 'Fat Kid Rules the World' in your town via the service here.