On their first couple of albums, 'Give'n It' (2000) and 'Kona Town' (2000), Pepper crashed the punky reggae beach party Sublime had started a decade earlier. Theirs was a fun sound, but it was also a familiar one, and in the years since, this Hawaiian-born trio has veered off in another direction, becoming infinitely more poppy -- and more popular.

Next month, the trio returns with its self-titled six full-length, and eager to cling to whatever bits of summer we can, Diffuser.fm is premiering the sunny single 'Hunny.' Stream it below.

Flavoring Pepper's new record was producer Matt Wallace, who's worked with everyone from Faith No More to Maroon 5. 'Hunny' owes far more to the latter than to the former, but that's OK: This mega-sweet umbrella drink of a pop-reggae tune wasn't mixed up specifically for the alt-rock set. It's one for the masses, a summer jam to spin when '40oz. to Freedom' gets scratched or the latest Top 40 earworm becomes a pest.

"This band has been so much fun to play in for so many years," Pepper tells Diffuser.fm. "And 'Hunny Girl' is a perfect example of that fun captured on tape"