Perera Elsewhere's new 'Giddy' video could be almost be a trailer for a PlayStation game, though the post-apocalyptic world imagined by creators Ewelina Aleksandrowicz and Andrzej Wojtas, together known as PussyKrew, might not make for the most exhilarating game play. The duo sets Elsewhere's ominous, eerily sexy trip-hop slow-burn to a series of computer-generated scenes, flying us over flooded cities and oceans sullied by smoke-belching oil rigs. The landscapes are strangely beautiful, and were this a game, you might just hit pause, put down the controller and marvel at the pollution-ravaged splendor.

"Our aim was to create a mood, landscape for the song rather than traditional linear videoclip," PussyKrew wrote in an email to NPR, which debuted the clip. "The poetry of the song generates inevitable reflections on an apocalyptic, post-digital wasteland, with its nostalgia, melancholic sensations and beauty. We wanted to create dreamlike hypnotic aura with transparent symbols of current culture, dizziness and fascination of sleek superficial reality, incarceration and infinite freedom."

'Giddy' appears on Elsewhere's 'Everlast,' the recently released debuted album from the London-born, Berlin-based artist. The track features vocals from Gonjasufi, who's worked with the likes of Flying Lotus and Jay Z, and describing the tune to NPR, Elsewhere said it's a commentary on modern life and the "dizziness that too many options and too much input can cause."