Hailing from Moscow, Pompeya are four artists who perfectly blend together the sounds of '70s disco, '80s New Wave and '90s alt-rock. Their brand of music can be heard on their debut LP, 'Tropical' and their two subsequent EPs, 'Foursome' and 'Night.' The band is preparing for the release of their sophomore full-length effort, slated for 2015 via No Shame.

As they continue to take America by storm with their energetic and high-spirited melodies, the band members also want to honor the music of their homeland, and what better way to do that than to put together a list of tunes? With the help of members Daniil Brod, Denis Agafonov and Sasha Lipskiy, Diffuser is excited to present the Perfect Russian Playlist (According to Pompeya):

  • 'Wiuwiuwiu'


    "This band from Moscow is kind of reviving the dirty '90s sound, but in a really honest way. It's like they are living in the era of Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, the Pixies, and Nirvana. Great guitar riffs and pop melodies." -- Sasha Lipskiy

  • 'Put to Zero'

    Natalia Sorokina

    "This is a good example of vintage Russian pop from my childhood. I thought this was absolutely trash stuff when I was a kid, but now I consider it some of the best. If you like 'Put to Zero,' you will dig the original version from the '80s -- it's a nice combination of Soviet new wave and low fi." -- Sasha Lipskiy

  • 'Ghetto Kravis'

    Nina Kraviz

    "Nina Kraviz is originally from Siberia, but she moved to Berlin a couple of years ago and became one of the most popular underground electronic artists around. Today, she plays big festivals like Coachella and Sonar. A sexy music video goes well with the dark and minimalistic sound of this house track." -- Sasha Lipskiy

  • 'Water Run Deep'

    Mana Island

    "Mana Island is a new Russian band that just debuted this year. I enjoy their mix of rhythm and blues vibes and traditional guitar rock. I think these guys have a lot of potential, maybe they can be the 'next big thing' -- from Russia at least." -- Daniil Brod

  • 'The Last Hero'


    "This has been one of my favorite band since I was six-years-old., but most people don't understand the appeal of his rough voice. It's hard to imagine now, but to me, there's something pure and true to it, especially when compared to everything else that was coming out in the '80s.  All the Soviet teenagers were excited and motivated for something new and big  with this sound ... 'Good morning, the last hero!'" -- Daniil Brod

  • 'Live at Vive Latino'


    "These are our friends from Rostov on don. Very dark! They are currently touring a lot around Europe and Latin America, and I hope to see them in the U.S. some day." -- Daniil Brod

  • 'In the Wind'


    "Fantastic song, and one of the best videos showcasing Mother Russia in all her beauty. Even though this is over four years old, it still impresses me a lot -- both the song and the video." -- Daniil Brod

  • 'Beater (tuk tuk tuk)'


    "I first saw this in 1997 when I was 12-years-old. It's very sentimental to me and others my age. While a bit cheesy, it's still a soulful song with a fun video." -- Denis Agofonov

  • 'White Night'


    "This band is Russia's answer to Duran Duran! My mom often listened to this song when I was growing up. I became a fan of New Wave thanks to it, which is definitely an influence on Pompeya's sound." -- Denis Agofonov

  • 'Whim'

    Code of Ethics

    "This is one of the best bands on the Russian stage. Intelligent and professional, they are a true rarity in Russia. They are really a band you have to see live to believe." -- Denis Agofonov

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