Pete RG's post-rock sound packs enough power for him to be considered an arena rock contender while still remaining smooth and sophisticated. Today (Jan. 8), the singer-songwriter has released a lyric video for his song, 'Still Here,' off of his upcoming 'Lighting Strikes' EP release -- you can check out above.

The song has a country edge to it while producing a U2-esque vibe, which is not surprising, given that engineer Brian Scheuble -- who has worked with the likes of U2, Elton John and Sheryl Crow -- was recruited for this release.

Lyrically, the song reflects on the passing of time, with RG stating, “The fleeting preciousness of it is always my biggest lyrical inspiration ... We all seem to find a way to waste time away, and it really frustrates me.”

The 'Lighting Strikes' EP is due out on Feb. 10. Get more details at Pete RG's official website here.