Talking with Craig McLean of the U.K.’s Daily Mail, the iconic Phil Collins recently opened up about his history with alcohol, money and the possibility of a Genesis reunion.

“I nearly died,” he says with the utmost honesty. “Retiring ... I guess left a big void ... I was supposed to be an alcoholic, I went to meetings, and I did try rehab -- for a week!” How did Collins get back on the wagon? The singer found a “great doctor in America.” It was that simple. “I’ve just been lucky,” he humbly admits.

As far as his Genesis money goes, he plans to give his kids a ‘share of his fortune.’ “When they get to a certain age it will be come theirs,” Collins explains. While he saves a lot of his earnings, he does recognize an expensive vice in his life.

“I’ll pay $200,000 for Jim Bowie’s sword from the Alamo,” he says. “I’m spending it, but not crazily. There’s gonna be more than enough for the kids.”

And the question every fan wants answered -- yes, even more than questions about his alcoholism and money: Will Genesis reunite?

“I’m 63 soon to be 64, and I joined Genesis when I was 19. So surely it’s clear to people that I may not want to do this,” Collins remarks. “Or I may want to do something different?” That’s about as deep into the conversation as Collins will go, but it doesn’t sound too promising.

To read the full, in-depth conversation with Collins, check out the feature here.

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