With the Coachella festival now expanded to two weekends, there are plenty of bands that find themselves stranded in California with nothing to do for the week in between. Fortunately, 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' has been taking in wayward artists and throwing them onstage and in front of their cameras all week long, with Phoenix's performance last night (April 18) the biggest one yet.

Phoenix, of course, have a new album called 'Bankrupt!' coming out next week, and not only did the French outfit stop by 'Kimmel' to play its first single, 'Entertainment,' they stuck around to perform three more songs from the disc. Watch their take on 'Entertainment' above, followed by run-throughs of 'Trying To Be Cool,' 'Drakkar Noir,' and 'Chloroform' below.

Watch Phoenix Rock 'Trying To Be Cool,' 'Drakkar Noir,' and 'Chloroform' on 'Kimmel'

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