It’s quite amazing Steve Forrest has time for a second band. He's best known as the drummer for Placebo, who recently released their seventh studio album, ‘Loud Like Love,' and are prepping for a global tour. Not only has he mastered the art of being in two bands, but he's proven himself an impressive vocalist.

If you’ve not heard of his side project Planes, here's what you need to know: Steve’s ditched the drumsticks (temporarily) to front a surprisingly bluesy rock quintet made up of musician mates from around London. Last summer, the band released their debut EP, briefly hit the U.K. festival circuit and then went quiet, as Steve returned to his Placebo duties. But as a little treat for Planes fans, he's kindly given an exclusive first listen to his band’s brand new Tristan Ivemy-produced track, ‘Set It On’.

"It's exciting to be releasing with Planes again after something of a break,” Forrest says. “We're very proud of the new material and we're twitching with anticipation to let our fans hear it"

If you’re digging their sound, keep an eye out for more forthcoming Planes music, including a track titled ‘Wait It Out,' produced by Waylayers’ Harry Lee.

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