Let’s get one thing straight about Prince: Don’t touch the man’s hair.

On 'The Arsenio Hall Show' last night, an audience member asked Prince about his pet peeve. The star took a moment to think -- not surprisingly, a number of things annoy him, including finding his songs on the Internet and the people who use their phones to take pictures at his concerts -- before landing on “strangers touching my hair.” You can watch the entire episode here.

Prince continues threatening a comeback, though he looks so young that it’s hard to remember that he isn't the dominant pop force he once was. (The only way to age his Purple Highness: keep track of his hairstyles.) Talking with Hall, Prince reaffirmed his commitment to albums -- but he’s not under contract, and he said he’s in no rush to put one out -- and omelets.

You may be surprised by the latter. Both the famous Dave Chappelle skit about Prince and the star’s recent appearance on the New Girl suggest that he’s more of a pancake kind of guy. Prince lives without a cell phone, because everyone him around has one. When asked about Instagram, he quipped, “I’m trying to get Prince-ta-gram.”

Most importantly, he played a song. Actually three: the new one, “FUNKNROLL,” hints at Parliament’s “Spaceship” and commands us to “party like you ain’t gonna party again” (it also suggests that you “put your phone down”). You can watch video here.

Prince performed with his new group, 3rdEyeGurl, an army of dancers, and a massive brass band. He also played “She’s Always In My Hair,” an old B-side which has one of Prince’s crunchiest intros. The song originally came out almost 30 years ago, back in 1985, but now it takes on an entirely new meaning. This girl is not just bothering him, she is actually touching his hair. That’s a no-no.