Oh, how Josh Homme and his Queens of the Stone Age love to keep us guessing. The band hasn't released an album in six years, but they've taken to teasing new music on their website and writing strange letters to European mags such as Kerrang!, Uncut and Mojo, dropping hints, clues and details. Now, it seems, we know the album's title, cover art (that's it on the left) and release date.

Antiquiet reports that the new album will be out in June. It's supposedly called '…Like Clockwork,' and that makes sense, given QOTSA's previous clues. Consider: Those aforementioned magazine letters featured clock imagery and repeated the number nine. As Pitchfork points out, header text from the missives can be strung together to read: "A Stitch In Time Will Save You 9, But.. Some Things You Can't Fix, So.. If You Find.." So there's some relationship there.

What's more, if you head over to the band's website, you can hear super short snippets of music. It's nothing that provides any clear indication of what Homme and his ever-evolving cast of QOTSA characters have planned for the next record, but it's something to gnaw on. You hear pieces of riffs, some percussion and bits of feedback squall. That's about it.

Here's what else we know about Queens of the Stone Age's new album: The record will include guest appearances from Trent Reznor, Elton John (!!!) and Jake Shears of dance-pop act Scissor Sisters. Dave Grohl is playing drums. Former Screaming Trees frontman Mark Lanegan is back, as is bearded former bassist Nick Oliveri, who made headlines last year for a standoff with authorities after a fight with his girlfriend.

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