Despite its chilly-sounding title, Quilt’s ‘Arctic Shark’ -- both the song and its brand-new video -- are quite sunny. The latter even captures the Boston trio partaking in some surreal picnicking.

On an array of colorful blankets — none of which appear to be quilts, mind you — frontwoman Anna Fox Rochinski sings while bandmates Shane Butler and John Andrews tuck in guitars, fail to understand the proper function of a chair and display various fruits and vegetables for the benefit of those of us watching at home.

We can’t say for sure what any of this has to do with the ‘Arctic Shark’ that is “living free in the coldest part of the eastern sea.” Nevertheless, the clip, directed by Brandon Andrew and Merideth Hillbrand, serves as a fitting companion piece for Quilt’s psych-folk tune.

The group's sophomore album, ‘Held in Splendor,’ is slated for a Jan. 28 release on Mexican Summer.