Just because R.E.M. split up last year doesn't mean they still can't release new videos. Case in point? Their clip for 'Blue,' which was directed by Renaissance Man James Franco and features Lindsay Lohan, photographer Terry Richardson and a bunch of bird's-eye-view images of Los Angeles.

Franco was among those picked by singer Michael Stipe for R.E.M.'s 'Collapse Into Now' Film Project, which involved various artists helming videos for all 12 tracks on the band's final album. (Franco was also tapped for 'That Someone is You,' but that one has yet to see the light of day.) 'Blue' is an airy, atmospheric jam with spoken-word from Stipe and guest vocals from punk priestess Patti Smith. The accompanying video features a string of artsy, blurry images fading into one another, including the aforementioned scenes of Lohan and Richardson conducting a modeling shoot.

Perhaps that Franco-Lohan-Richardson explicit sex book rumor was true after all.


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