Another day, another 'F--- You' from the world of punk. A week after veteran West Coast punk stalwarts Bad Religion announced their new album 'True North' by streaming its first single, 'F--- You,' veteran West Coast punk stalwarts Rancid have issued a (totally different) previously unreleased track titled 'F--- You.' The song appears on Press Pirate Records' forthcoming 'Oi! This Is Street Punk Vol. 2' compilation, which is currently streaming in its entirety on the label's website. (Make sure to scroll down in the player to hear the Rancid cut -- it's not the first song that comes up.)

'Street Punk Vol. 2,' which features 12 new tracks by 12 bands, is due out on 12-inch vinyl on Dec. 12. (Yes, that date is 12/12/12, for those of you keeping track at home.) It follows last year's 'Oi! Street Punk Vol. 1,' which included 11 tracks from 11 groups and dropped -- you guessed it -- on Nov. 11. That collection included a cut titled 'Blood Suckers' by the Old Firm Casuals, which features Rancid's Lars Frederiksen on guitar and vocals.