Over the past few years, we've heard reports about the tactics that the military has been using to get alleged terrorists and detainees to talk. However, it's pretty surprising to find out that music -- namely by the Red Hot Chili Peppers -- is one of the methods.

According to an upcoming Senate Intelligence Committee report, the CIA has been incorporating really loud music in their interrogation techniques.

Al Jazeera reported that one particular detainee was "shackled at the wrists and hung to the ceiling of his cell, all the while loud music was played on an endless loop." And you thought Anthony Kiedis wore out his welcome after just a few songs.

There were no other details about what specific Chili Peppers albums or songs were used during these torture sessions, or if any other bands were included. Either way, blasting music at full volume and on repeat for hours, or maybe even days, on end would cause even the biggest 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik' fan to cave.