The Red Hot Chili Peppers have been making music since 1983. But it took another eight years until people started to pay attention. Thanks to a new record company, a bigger budget, a producer who knew what to do with them and more focused songwriting, 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik,' their fifth album, made them stars. They started making better videos around that time too. These are their 10 best.

  • 'The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie'

    An impromptu performance clip of the band playing on top of a Venice Beach rooftop is at the center of the first video from the group's latest album. Crowd reaction shots pop up too.

  • 'By the Way'

    A frantic taxi ride and funky tunnel dances rule this video for the opening and title track of the Chili Peppers' 2002 album, their eighth. 'By the Way' was also the first single from the LP, hitting No. 1 at alt radio.

  • 'Californication'

    The four Chili Peppers play video-game characters -- ranging from a snowboarder to a reckless driver to a dragonfly-riding cool dude -- in this mostly animated clip for their 1999 album's title track.

  • 'Can't Stop'

    Buckets, oversized furniture and objects crammed up nasal cavities all figure into this colorful clip from the band's hit 2002 album 'By the Way.' It was their seventh No. 1 on the modern-rock chart.

  • 'Give It Away'

    After years of struggling below modern rock's radar as goofy white boys playing that funky music, the Chili Peppers finally broke out in 1991 with 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik.' This song and video started it all.

  • 'Otherside'

    'Otherside' is all about endless hallways, Expressionist imagery, fire-breathing monsters and Anthony Kiedis' short blond locks. The mostly black-and-white video makes it one of the group's artsiest.

  • 'Scar Tissue'

    Like 'Under the Bridge,' 'Scar Tissue' opens up some of the band members' old wounds. And like the earlier song, it was a hit. The video plays like a laid-back road trip among old pals.

  • 'Snow (Hey Ho)'

    The Chili Peppers pay tribute to their family and friends in this video that includes backstage shots, onstage shots and the occasional mugging for the camera. It's a peek into their personal space.

  • 'Soul to Squeeze'

    'Soul to Squeeze' originally appeared on the soundtrack to the 1993 big-screen bomb 'Coneheads.' The song was left over from the 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik' sessions and became a hit.

  • 'Under the Bridge'

    Anthony Kiedis' mournful autobiographical tale about some down-and-out times during his darkest drug-addicted days gets a suitably sober video treatment, with the band covered in shadows.

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