What is that honey-dipped piano alighting upon our late night ears? Why, New York native Regina Spektor, who made the trip crosstown to the 'Late Show With David Letterman.' The singer-songwriter performed 'All the Rowboats,' as seen in the video below.

The lead single off of the forthcoming 'What We Saw From the Cheap Seats' feels like an urgent art-historical memory of all the "rowboats and oil paintings that kept trying to row away, row away." She's walking about a museum. When no one is looking, Spektor's curiosity gets the best of her: She reaches out to a sculpture,  "touching marble, cold and soft." She pities the violins "in their glass coffins," who have "forgotten how to sing." Thankfully, Spektor has not, and her curatorial quandaries make her lyrical meanderings some of the best songs in the game.

Speaking of game, there's Dave Letterman. Ever the gentleman, Letterman kisses the siren's hand upon seeing her again. "Always a delight," the host says, "Come back any time."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Watch out for Regina Spektor's newest album in just a few Tuesdays. It will be released (and reviewed) on May 29.

Watch Regina Spektor Perform 'All the Rowboats' on 'Letterman'