R.E.M. and MTV grew up together, kind of like friends who met in grade school and stayed besties until high school graduation. Then, they just drifted apart as one went off to art school and started wearing scarves in the summer and talking art history while the other just sat at home watching reality TV.

Just like our clumsy metaphor, R.E.M. and MTV came of age together, and perhaps neither would have been what it is now without the other.

Now, a new DVD box set is coming that documents the band and network's relationship as they both went through their growing pains together. The box set, titled 'REMTV,' will contain six DVDs featuring R.E.M. performances, award show appearances and a new documentary. It will also highlight both R.E.M. 'Unplugged' sessions, including outtakes.

The box set isn't limited to MTV appearances, though. The set pulls R.E.M. appearances from other Viacom networks, including VH1, Comedy Central -- and even Nickelodeon.

"I don't think anyone realized just how much terrific R.E.M. footage we were sitting on," said Bill Flanagan, executive vice president of the Viacom Music Group in a press release. "To gather the best of it in one collection is pretty overwhelming. R.E.M. started great, stayed great and ended great -- here's the evidence."

'REMTV' comes out Nov. 28 on Rhino, and the new documentary will run on VH1 Classic and Palladia in the same month. While we wait patiently to get our sweaty fingers on this set, here's R.E.M. at the 1995 MTV Video Music Awards playing a song from the under-appreciated album 'New Adventures in Hi-Fi,' 'The Wake-Up Bomb':

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