Not quite three years since their formation, Pennsylvania-based Reservoir have churned out a demo, the three-song 7-inch ‘Into Endings’ and a split 7-inch with Bicycle Ride. Now, they’re ready to release their seven-song debut EP, ‘I Heard You As I Walked Away.’

In all of their releases, the quartet offer their interpretation of what emo should sound like in 2013. Admittedly drawing inspiration from ‘90s predecessors like Sunny Day Real Estate and Planes Mistaken for Stars, Reservoir deliver plenty of heart and emotion — arguably the driving forces behind the genre — while not simply imitating their idols.

Having already debuted one song, 'In Passing,' from the new EP, Reservoir show their more subdued side with today's free MP3, ‘Samantha.’ Check it out below.

“We chose to make ‘Samantha’ available after debuting ‘In Passing’ a couple months ago to showcase a change of pace that is representative of some of the slower, quieter aspects of the LP,” Justin Lutz told

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