Rilo Kiley's 'Moneymaker' rocks out like a loose-limbed, lo-fidelity and plenty funky indie rock porn jam, and the accompanying video is appropriately full of adult-film stars. In fact, the clip features snippets of interviews with some real (we think) men and woman who appear in porno videos. It's not the world's oldest profession, but it does make the World Wide Web go 'round, so that should mean something.

'Moneymaker' opens with one guy looking back on his career of 250-plus XXX movies: "I want to go back to my guidance counselor in high school," he says, "and be like, 'listen, I've got a question for ya. You never told me about the porn-star role. That was the one!'"



Watch Rilo Kiley's 'Moneymaker' Video