Some people spend weeks piecing together the perfect Halloween costume. The rest of us often forget and are left with the same recycled outfits we've worn for five years straight. But fret not -- Oct. 31 may be only a few days away, but here are five last-minute rock star Halloween costumes you can likely put together with stuff you’ve already got cluttering your closet -- or that you can find without spending a lot of time or money.

  • Wayne Coyne

    To Wayne Coyne, every day is Halloween. Not only is he often joined onstage by a dancing bear and loads of confetti, but he also enjoys dressing up to the max. All you really need is some gracefully graying hair (if you’re really dedicated, you can hunt down a curly gray wig, but some silvery hairspray works, too), a flashy white suit (although any suit can work, really), some fake blood and lots of glitter. Plus, he’s been known to enjoy a colorful hodgepodge of a manicure, and recently, he showed off some Halloween-inspired nail art -- featuring a dancing skeleton and some vampire fangs -- on his Instagram, so feel free to check them out for some inspiration).

  • Iggy Pop

    He’s probably got one of the most recognizable outfits in rock ‘n’ roll, and it takes all of 30 seconds to perfect. If anyone wants to get Iggy with it this Halloween, just whack on any long blond wig (unless you already have long blond hair, of course), throw on some black skinny jeans and and forget the shirt. And if you fancy it, get yourself a microphone and cord, but it’s not essential. If you’d prefer to be an early-'70s Iggy, get yourself some shiny silver trousers and a leopard print/leather jacket (as captured in those stunning Mick Rock photos).

  • MIA

    Essentially, the weirder the better. Go bold, go bright and go crazy with the patterns. Basically, find whatever brightly colored clothes you have, throw on some chunky jewelry, some dark shades, some bright and unusually tinted lipstick and a colorful wig, and you’ve pretty much got MIA’s look perfected.

  • Marky Ramone/Andrew WK

    If you and a mate are looking for a joint costume idea, why not pair up as Marky Ramone and Andrew WK, in honor of their recent joint tour? Or you can fly solo as just one of them -- your call. But either way, their looks are pretty simple to master. Want to be a Ramone? Just slap on some black jeans, a black tank top, a leather jacket and some darkly tinted shades. Or fancy a go at party man Andrew WK? Just deck yourself out in white from head to toe, throw on some long brown hair and go crazy with some fake blood.

  • Patti Smith

    In 1975, Patti Smith captured her classic look on the cover of her debut album ‘Horses’. Fortunately, that look is a piece of cake to replicate. All it takes is a black blazer, a white button-down top (get a cheap one so you can cut the ends of the sleeves off and really stay true to the original image), some black suspenders and a small silver horse pin like the one seen on her blazer, which was a gift given to her by Blue Öyster Cult’s Allen Lanier.


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