Sometimes it's hard to think of rock stars as normal people -- like parents -- but in reality, they're just like you and me (minus the millions and millions of dollars and inordinate amount of fame). Some rock stars' kids grow up to be normal, upstanding citizens who leave their marks on society in subtle ways. Some kids grow up to be models, others grow up to star in Hollywood.

And then, there are those kids that grow up to rock. Let's face it, if your dad was a rock star, wouldn't you want to emulate him in everything (maybe not everything) he did?

From Billie Joe Armstrong's son's burgeoning drumming career to Frank Zappa's kid honoring his life through music, we've found some of our favorite parent-child pairings. Check out the gallery above to see our favorite Rock Stars' Kids Who Rock!

You Think You Know the Foo Fighters?

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