The now-defunct rock outfit from Philadelphia, Toy Soldiers, was formed in 2007 by singer-songwriter Ron Gallo and drummer Mike Baurer. The duo grew into a quintet and released a handful of full-lengths and EPs during their tenure, ending their studio recordings with 2013's 'The Maybe Boys.'

Earlier this year, Gallo decided to go his own way with his solo debut, 'Ronny.' Described as "a rebirth of sorts," 'Ronny' covers the gamut, from lighthearted lyrics and captivating musical arrangements to poignant songs that serve as a psychological release for both the singer and the listener. Today (Dec. 9), Diffuser couldn't be more excited to debut Gallo's latest music video for one of the songs from 'Ronny' -- check out 'Started a War' above.

"'Started a War' is a passive-aggressive song," Gallo tells us. "It was written in real-time as a similar confrontation was happening between a significant other and me. It's a comment on how silence is often the hardest thing to deal with in relationship turmoil, as well as how men and women sometimes come from very different places when dealing with issues of love. 'I started a war and all I said was nothing' was the first line -- I built the rest of the scene around it."

The theme of the song is captured perfectly in the official music video, creating an all-too-familiar awkward environment for the viewer. "It was shot and edited by Caitlin McCann of Dog Days Films and we co-directed it," he explains. "The idea of this minimalist, confined space allows the tension to be the main focus of the video. Also, like the song, there is no resolution. Ideally it will make people feel uncomfortable -- good kinds of uncomfortable."

'Ronny' is out now via American Diamond Recordings. To stay up-to-date with everything happening in Gallo's world -- including a handful of shows to close things out this year -- head over to his official website here.