Judging from the band's new teaser video, details on the highly anticipated follow-up to Royal Blood's acclaimed 2014 album appear to be heading our way soon.

The duo have revealed two new tracks since the release of Royal Blood - performing "Hook Line And Sinker" during their set at 2015’s Reading Festival, then contributing "Where Are You Now?" to the HBO series Vinyl last year.

As recently as December, Mike Kerr, Royal Blood’s frontman, told NME that the band’s ambitions and ideas for their next LP were still “all in his head.”

But it would seem that the Brighton rockers are ready to begin building buzz, with the aforementioned trailer and a few revealing statements made in an interview with Q, in which the band tells fans they can expect an album that sounds “sexy” and “more confident.”

The duo also revealed that much of the new album was written in a warehouse space in Burbank, Calif., where they’d “party all night and write all day.” Kerr says it was during this phase of development that the album began to take shape with the band writing 50 songs they’d begun to chisel down.

“Anything you’re not proud of, bin it,” Kerr says, explaining the band’s guiding ideology during this writing period.

"Hook Line and Sinker" seems, so far, to be the only song confirmed for the album. After debuting it at the Reading Festival, Kerr explained that the song was written just a few months earlier, and that the band was itching to play it live for an audience.

At the same time Kerr also announced that the “writing process had really begun” for the new album, and implied ‘Hook Line and Sinker’ had made the cut. “Maybe that’s like, the weirdest song on the record, I don’t know yet."

As for the trailer? It’s probably better described as a teaser for the upcoming album. The 22-second clip shows Kerr etching the tattoo of a diamond and “2017” on a unidentified arm, thereby confirming little more than that this is the year the album will finally break out of the studio and into the hot hands of a fan base that’s been growing steadily over the last three years.

Royal Blood is reportedly set to tour later this year and is already booked as part of the massive line-up for New York’s Governors Ball in June.

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