Sally Seltmann wasn't born to bait a hook. "I thought I'd catch the catch of the day, but the catch of the day caught me," she sings on 'Catch of the Day,' the latest single from her forthcoming fourth album, 'Hey Daydreamer,' due out March 4 on Arts & Crafts. As this track -- which Diffuser is pleased to premiere -- attests, she's an ace indie-pop songstress, a sweet-voiced tunesmith who's pleasantness ought not be mistaken for weakness.

"I'm not gonna live my life being told who I'm supposed to be," Seltmann says in the tune, after she's pulled a fish from the water and decided to throw it back, consequences be damned.

Seltmann cut 'Hey Daydreamer' in her home studio with hubby Darren Seltmann, he of Avalanches fame, and while she's toured with the likes of Jens Lekman, Stars and Broken Social Scene, she's perhaps best known for penning the Feist hit '1234.' The new record promises to boost her profile and keep her out of slickers and rubber boots -- unless that's part of her stage show. Click here for more info.