Australian indie pop band San Cisco spent much of this summer touring America. Starting in Los Angeles, they hit up many of the major cities as they made their way to the east coast while promoting their latest album, Gracetown. With fuzzy synth-dance tracks like "Run," "Wash It All Away" and "Too Much Time Together," the Aussie quartet have been getting crowds to party wherever they go. We had the chance to chat with frontman Jordi Davieson before they closed their tour at in New York City earlier this month about some of the lessons they learned on the road.

How's the tour been going so far?

It's been really good. It's the first time we've toured in a tour bus, which has been a real luxury, because it means we get to arrive at each city a little bit earlier. So that's been really cool. And the shows have been really great. Los Angeles and San Francisco were loads of fun, and there have been some quieter ones like Portland. But apart from that, it's going to be good as well.

With the cities you've visited so far, what has been the most memorable stop you've had so far?

Well, that's a hard one. We go somewhere new every day; so it's hard to remember where you're staying. But Portland is really cool. We love Portland. But so are L.A. and San Francisco – they're all good places. The only one was when we stopped off in Lincoln, Neb., and that was not very fun. There was nothing there.

Is there anything [from home] that you're really missing?

I miss the ocean a lot. You know, being able to submerge yourself in some nice, fresh saltwater. I'm missing that.

You guys released Gracetown a few months ago and it was inspired by this town [of the same name] in Australia. Can you talk a little more about the town for those who don't know much about this place?

We came about the name when we found an artist that we really liked, and he came and drew a bunch of Australian buildings. And the one that's on the cover is a building that's in Gracetown. We spent a lot of time in Gracetown, and we thought we would just go with that. There isn't so much more meaning to it than that. But Gracetown is an old fishing town three hours south of Perth, which is where we live. And it's known for surfing and shark attacks, and yeah, we spend a lot of time down there, my family especially. It's a lovely place.

You guys have some interesting concepts for you videos. What's the story behind the video for "Magic?"

You know, that's actually the video we didn't have much to do with because we weren't even there when it was filmed. But the director sent us the treatment for it and we really liked it. It worked really well. So they just did everything when we weren't even around. Maybe we reorganized a few things, but we just really liked it.

What's your favorite song from the album to perform?

"Run" is probably the most fun to perform. I mean they're all really fun, but that's probably always the one for me.

What's something you learned about yourself or the band while being on the road in the U.S.?

Things were lonelier the first time we came. We learned a lot the first time. But I don't know because America is so different from Australia. In some ways, it isn't, but I think we learned more about touring and needing to be organized. You just need to have a home for everything in your touring setup otherwise you'll just lose it. Everybody asks your ID. Drinking at 21 is weird. That's old [for us]. In Australia, it's 18.

You guys are closing out your U.S. tour in New York City. What do you enjoy most about the Big Apple?

New York City is always obviously an incredible place. And Scarlett [Stevens, drums] loves it, and Josh [Biondillo, guitar-keyboards] as well. Scarlett has been coming to New York a lot. I think New York is pretty incredible because there's always something happening and it's usually something pretty cool and interesting and something you've probably never seen before.

Have you guys been toying with ideas for the next album?

Yeah, I think we're definitely gearing up to do some more recording by the end of the year. We haven't done anything yet. I'm always thinking about lyric ideas, and I know Josh is always thinking about melodies and ways to put music together -- make it cool. So we are definitely thinking about it.

If there was someone you could collaborate with someone for the next record, who would you want it to be?

For a San Cisco song? Probably Rick Rubin.