Based in New York City, the world will get its official introduction to Sarah McGowan next week when the singer-songwriter unleashes her debut EP, 'Indian Summer.' Ahead of its release, Diffuser is thrilled to partner with McGowan to premiere the EP's third single, 'Molly' -- stream it in the audio player below.

From her gorgeous vocals and gripping lyrics to the pounding musical arrangements, 'Molly' is eerily beautiful, putting McGowan's talents on full display. “It's a song about someone, or something, trying to steal your love away from you,” McGowan explains to us. “It’s open to interpretation, but either way, it’s definitely not a positive song.”

She goes on, “When recording it, I tried to imagine what it would sound like if Elliott Smith and Dolly Parton had a super creepy child. I used this spooky vibe and mixed in violin and pedal steel along with acoustic guitars and an 808 kick drum to give it some edge. I think it came out really great and I’m proud of the song.”

‘Molly’ is part of McGowan’s debut EP, ‘Indian Summer,’ set for release on Jan. 27. To celebrate the disc, McGowan will be playing a release gig at Arlene’s Grocery in New York City on Jan. 24. Get details on that show -- and everything else happening in McGowan's world -- at her official website here.