Bad news: The upcoming full-length collaboration between experimental musician Scott Walker and Seattle drone metal outfit Sunn O))) has been pushed back a month. Good news: if the trailer they just released (below) is any indication, the album could be the bleakest, most powerful and poetic rock album in recent memory.

Record label 4AD announced that 'Soused' will now be released on Oct. 21 instead of Sept. 23. According to a statement released by the label, talk of a possible collaboration first began when Sunn O))) approached Walker in hopes of getting him to appear on their 2009 album, 'Monoliths & Dimensions.' Four years later, Walker came back with 'Soused,' an entire full-length written with Sunn O))) in mind.

Check out the newly released cover art:


Recorded in London earlier this year and produced by Walker and Peter Walsh, the album features five sprawling tracks over 50 minutes.

If you can't wait till October to hear it, your only hope is to travel to next month's Basilica Soundscape in Hudston, N.Y. where the album will be played in its entirety each hour from 2 to 9 PM on Sept. 13.

Watch the trailer below: