As the 20th anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death draws near, Seattle police have released new photos from the original crime scene. While this puts the spotlight on the case again, the cops are now being slammed with a lawsuit by self-described investigative journalist Richard Lee.

Lee is suing the Seattle police for not releasing the images soon after Cobain's actual death, the Seattle PI reported. Lee has been well-known for his conspiracies stating that the Nirvana frontman's death was not a suicide, and he even hosted a public-access TV show called 'Kurt Cobain Was Murdered.'

The 50-year-old Lee, who's run for mayor of Seattle a number of times, will be representing himself in the case. While it seems a little far-fetched, Lee has a point here, as Washington State law requires that government agencies that don't release these kinds of records right away must pay $5 to $100 per day, per document, for the delay.

Seattle government officials have yet to respond the suit and have reportedly refused Lee any documents that have been released regarding Cobain's death scene.

“Lee has dealt with these SPD units many times in the past, and says that they are characteristically uncooperative, dilatory and non-compliant with his requests for records and information,” claims Lee's lawsuit. Even though Cobain's death was re-examined, the police have no plans on revisiting the case.

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