With its driving backbeat, jagged guitars and a echo-soaked vocals, 'City Slicker' proves the perfect way to kick off 'Positive Distractions Part I,' the new EP from Secret Colours. Based in Chicago, the quartet draws on many of the same late-'60s psych-rock acts that influenced Madchester-era British groups like Stone Roses and Inspiral Carpets.

After releasing two studio albums -- 2010's 'Secret Colours' and 2013's 'Peach' -- the band pared down to just two members: vocalist/guitarist Tommy Evans and drummer Justin Frederick. Now rounded out by bassist Eric Hehr and guitarist Mike Novak, Secret Colours are set to return with two EPs: 'Positive Distractions Part I' and Positive Distractions Part II.' Diffuser.fm is pleased to bring you the exclusive premiere of the first installment. Stream it in full below.

"What makes this record great is not song writing, not the tones, not the production, not the musicianship, and not the meanings behind the lyrics. It's the fact that everything that went into making this record came from an honest place," Evans tells Diffuser.fm. "We cranked out 12 songs in 11 days, not overthinking what was already there."

"When you try to turn something into what it's not it's a waste of time and becomes s---," he adds. "This record never had any moments like that. It's f---ing rock 'n' roll as it should be. It's time to let something positive distract you away from all the trash that is poured into this world every day."

'Positive Distractions Part I' hits digital outlets on Feb. 4. Head over to Secret Colours' official website for more info.