Like we needed another reason to impatiently wait for May to come around ...

In two months, and hot on the heels of its massive new Lego Simpsons set, the little-toy giant will begin selling individual minifigures of Springfield's favorite residents.

Lego fans are well aware that the company has been selling packs of minifigs -- like baseball cards, the actual contents are hidden beneath the packaging -- of standby characters like a mad scientist, doctor and some dude dressed like a giant gorilla. And Lego fans have shelled out lots of cash to complete their sets (they've released 11 series so far).

But this is Lego's first themed set, and it's gonna be a great one: 16 mini-figures of Simpsons characters. The above photo includes all of them except Itchy and Scratchy.

The figs will be available three days before the long-running TV show features a Lego-themed episode on May 4. Each pack will cost $3.99. So start clearing shelf space, and saving your money, now.

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