Fans of emo, hardcore and various strains of extreme metal may disagree, but when you've got something dark and intense to say, there's no better musical medium than synth-pop.

A fine reminder comes in the form of 'Pleasure,' a new EP from Serbian duo Sixth June. The disc arrives next week via Mannequin Records, and in advance of the release, the Berlin label is streaming the entire set -- check it out below.

Actually, "streaming" might not be the right word, as the duo of Laszlo Antal and Lidija Andonov turn in some of the iciest '80s-style jams you'll find this side of a Gary Numan record. Give it a spin -- then head to the Mannequin webstore for info on snagging a copy. And if you want to know what these songs are about, head to Self-Titled magazine, where the group has posted a track-by-track breakdown.