Slaves, the U.K. punk duo whose debut full-length, 2015’s Are You Satisfied?, was nominated for the Mercury Price, have announced that their new album, Take Control, is arriving Sept. 30. One of the songs, “Consume or Be Consumed,” features Mike D of the Beastie Boys.

"I feel right now the world needs an album like this,” Mike D told NME. “Something that is more raw, more alive and less polished. I was impressed with the band’s strong point of view. They actually speak their minds about social topics."

Are You Satisfied turned heads in their country for mixing topical punk rock with a degree of humor and an exciting live show. For Mike D, it was learning that guitarist Laurie Vincent and drummer Isaac Holman were grounded in vintage punk that made him want to work with them. "The initial conversation I had with Laurie,” he continued, “there were so many influences he mentioned that I love - from the Gang of Four to the Cramps to the Damned to Public Image Ltd to the Slits and on and on. All records that I truly loved and I couldn't believe he knew all of them so well for a person his age."

The track listing for Take Control can be found below, and the video for the first single and opening track, “Spit It Out,” is embedded above.

Slaves, ‘Take Control’ Track Listing

1. “Spit It Out”
2. “Hypnotised”
3. “Consume or Be Consumed (ft. Mike D)”
4. “Take Control”
5. “Mr Industry (Skit)”
6. “Rich Man”
7. “Play Dead”
8. “Lies”
9. “F— the Hi-Hat”
10. “Gary (Skit)”
11. “People That You Meet”
12. “Steer Clear ft. Baxter Dury”
13. “Cold Hard Floor”
14. “STD's/PHD’s”
15. “Angelica”
16. “Same Again”

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