All of the ads that are slated to air during this year’s Super Bowl on Feb. 1 are slowly but surely making their way online. Now, Budweiser has unveiled its heartwarming spot about a lost dog making his triumphant way back home, and it features an interesting and unexpected cover of the Proclaimers’ ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).’

Wheaton, Ill.-based indie-rock outfit Sleeping at Last slows down the usually anthemic 1988 hit, making it well-suited for Budweiser’s new ad. Ryan O’Neal -- the brains behind Sleeping at Last -- originally transformed the tune for his 2014 album of covers, ‘Covers Vol. 1.’ Head over to iTunes to buy the album, which also features Sleeping at Last’s covers of other ‘80s hits, including Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart,’ Hall & Oates’ ‘Private Eyes’ and Nena’s ’99 Red Ballons’ – so, you know, the best of the decade.

We’re stilling trying to figure out just what Budweiser has to do with the lost dog in the commercial's narrative. So far, all we’ve come up with is that we need a beer to drown our tears of joy after watching the new commercial. Risk your own waterworks when watching it for yourself in the video above.

And as you crack open a few more beers, you can listen to Sleeping at Last's full rendition -- and compare it with the Proclaimers' original -- below:

Sleeping at Last -- 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)'

The Proclaimers -- 'I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)'

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