Husband and wife Jarrod Bramson and Emily Madden shucked their previous band in exchange for a freer, stripped-down sound in Solvents.

The duo used to be part of another band, also named Solvents, but they weren't satisfied with their songs being performed as rock numbers. After realizing all they needed was each other -- in marriage and in music -- the happy couple downsized Solvents, and the end result is a wide-open, spacious sound.

On the single 'Careless Step', today's free MP3 download, Emily and Jarrod pay tribute to one of their heroes.

"'Careless Step' was written in dedication to Roy Orbison," says Jarrod. "I remember the song sort of appeared out of thin air for the most part. I knew it was good right off the bat. It's one of those songs that moves people. Whenever we play it live, after the show, we always get people asking about it, or they'll tell us that it's special or a keeper. Once, a teary-eyed women demanded that I write the lyrics down for her on a cocktail napkin. She said it reminded her of her dead father."

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