This summer, the crew of the USS Enterprise blasts off to another planet in ‘Star Trek Into Darkness,’ the blockbuster film from director J.J. Abrams. ‘Into Darkness’ finds Captain James T. Kirk, played by Chris Pine, leading the Enterprise on a mission to save the civilization of Planet Nibiru from an imminent volcanic eruption. Yeah, and you thought your job was a pain in the ass! With Star Trek doing major box office, got to thinking: What kind of music would the film's hero be into? After a great deal of thought, we came up with this list: 5 Songs Captain Kirk Would Blast On the USS Enterprise.

  • Sire Records
    Sire Records

    Ride, 'Leave Them All Behind'

    'Going Blank Again' (1992)

    Even for someone with a war record like our fearless captain’s, the mission in ‘Into Darkness’ is an intimidating one. With its opening lines, “Leave them all behind / wheels turning around into alien grounds / pass through different times,” and propulsive rhythmic attack, Ride’s ‘Leave Them All Behind’ is the perfect track to get Kirk ready for the daunting task ahead.

  • A&M

    Swervedriver, 'Sci-Flyer'

    'Raise' (1991)

    Keeping with the shoegazing feel, Kirk puts on the opening cut to Swervedriver’s fantastic ‘Raise’ album. ‘Sci-Flyer’ is a booming track featuring the great line “This is where they came down to our planet / checkin' on our climate and our women too.” We’re not sure who Swervedriver majordomo Adam Franklin is referring to when he says “they,” but whomever or whatever they are, Captain Kirk will get to the bottom of it.

  • Universal Music Group
    Universal Music Group

    Florence + the Machine, ‘Cosmic Love’

    'Lungs' 2009

    With all of the intense stress our captain is living through, it’s easy to imagine him curling up with his iPod at the end of the day with this lovelorn ballad. “The stars, the moon / they have all been blown out / you left me in the dark,” sings Florence Welsh, perhaps reminding Kirk of Janice Rand, his former secretary and object of desire.

  • Virgin Records
    Virgin Records

    Brian Eno, 'Weightless'

    'Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks' (1983)

    While still in a meditative mood, the captain plays this gorgeous instrumental piece from Brian Eno’s ‘Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks’ album. With the lights from Saturn’s rings beaming through the windows of the Enterprise and Daniel Lanois’ calming country-inspired guitar pieces drifting from the ship's speakers, ‘Weightless’ is pure outer space bliss.

  • RCA

    Hum, 'Comin' Home'

    'Downward is Heavenword' (1998)

    After completing their mission, Kirk and his Enterprise crew need a kickass song to cap off their victory. The captain immediately throws on Hum’s ‘Comin’ Home,’ a track lead by a pair of fuzzed-out guitars and a relentless drum assault, signaling the end of another triumphant journey.

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