Soundgarden Assemble! After nearly 16 years since their last appearance onscreen together, Soundgarden make their triumphant return with the music video for their new single 'Live to Rise.'

After disbanding in 1996, the grunge veterans reunited two years ago at Lollapalooza. They have been taking their time working on a new album, but contributed 'Live to Rise' to the official soundtrack for the movie 'The Avenger's.' The clip shows Soundgarden playing in an abandoned warehouse with action-packed scenes from the film mixed in.

The 'Avengers' footage shown in the music video will make most comic book fan boys drool. Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Hulk, Scarlet Witch, Hawkeye and Samuel Jackson's badass Agent Nick Fury all take turns in the spotlight. There are also scenes of conflict within the superhero team as Iron Man and Thor duke it out, as well as the Norse thunder god attacking Captain America. 'The Avengers' opens in movie theaters nationwide on May 4.

The end of 'Live to Rise' is similar to another well-known Soundgarden track, 1994's 'Black Hole Sun.' Luckily there aren't any trippy special effects making people look like freaks. That video was CREEPY. Watch 'Live to Rise' in its entirety below.

Soundgarden have yet to give a concrete date for their forthcoming album. What we do know is that the rest of the record will not sound like 'Live to Rise.' Lead singer Chris Cornell recently compared all their new songs to 'Sesame Street' since they vary from one another but are found in one place.

Watch the Video for 'Live to Rise' by Soundgarden