Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard has debuted 'I Need Something Different,' the garagey but slightly spacey first single from his upcoming solo effort 'Moonlander,' due out June 25. The full-length follows the Moonlander EP 'Apollo.'

Gossard will debut a new track each week on the Pearl Jam site, but let's talk about 'I Need Something Different,' which reminds us a bit of Queens of the Stone Age, sonically speaking. (Gossard's now-shuttered label Loosegroove Records did release the first QOTSA album back in the day, yo!)

The distorted guitars intentionally lack polish, and there are some synths sprinkled into the mix, and they sound like shooting stars. There's several bluesy solos and some noisy riffage, topped by Gossard's adenoidal vocals. When he declares, "I need something different," he sounds like means it.

The fade out is decidedly classic rock, as the song slowly but surely ends its run. It reminds us of a musical era long gone but still sounds modern.