As the music world continue to mourn the loss of former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland, everyone has been searching for moments from the band's past that reveal the singer's true self. A new installment in that catalog includes the raw footage from STP's rehearsal for Saturday Night Live in 1993.

In the 37-minute clip (above), Weiland talks about the band's updated arrangement for "Creep," which the band played on the show (along with "Naked Sunday") from their debut Core. But the video is perhaps more notable for including the first visual record of the band playing "Hollywood Bitch," which wouldn't appear on any of the band's albums until 2001's Shangri-La Dee Da. Skip ahead to 27:00 to hear it.

Last week, the remaining members of Stone Temple Pilots posted a moving video tribute to Weiland in which Robert DeLeo, Dean DeLeo and Eric Kretz sit in a studio and listen to the multi-track recording of “Atlanta” from their 1999 album No. 4. “Dean and Eric and I wanted to honor Scott, and we thought the best way to do that would be musically,” said bassist Robert DeLeo. “We chose this song because we feel it represents one of the times in our career that Scott was truly at his best."

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