Stranger Islands -- a New York City indie-pop trio consisting of Joanie Wolkoff (vocals), Matthew Dublin (instruments) and Ezra Oklan (drums) -- are no strangers to the limelight.

Dublin, who helped form the critically acclaimed '00s rock acts Ambulance LTD and the Red Romance, both of which toured extensively with friends the Killers, met Canadian Wolkoff in Lower Manhattan and quickly hit it off. After exchanging song ideas via email -- and bringing on veteran drummer Oklan (Goldspot, Nicole Atkins, Oakley Hall) -- the band was off and running. Their sound draws in elements of alt- and indie rock, ’70s disco-dance pop and the greatest hits of the synth-y ’80s.

Having completed a short European tour in 2012 and released their self-titled full-length debut (out now), Stranger Islands are back with a video for their debut single, 'Sick of Me, Sick of You,' and has the exclusive premiere. Check it out below.

 Watch Stranger Islands' 'Sick of Me, Sick of You' Video