Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist David Stükenberg’s wild songwriting style reveals inspiration from a diverse range of sources -- everything from vintage Fleetwood Mac and Appalachian music to hard rock. Stükenberg, the Austin-based rock outfit David fronts, release ‘Novella,’ their third studio album, on Nov. 12. The album features anecdotes from the musician’s past and present, coming together like a great travelogue.

Stükenberg just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help him offset some of the huge expenses behind ‘Novella,’ and has teamed up with him to bring you the exclusive premiere of ‘Accomplice,’ a track off the forthcoming album.

"’Accomplice’ was one of the first songs written for the record. I was in a club on the southern side of Chicago a few years ago, and I saw this blues band whose drummer lost a stick,” David tells us. “Rather than continuing the song as written, the band instead followed him into this great gospel break down. When this happened, two things struck me: One was how driving a simple 4/4 kick drum is, even by itself, and the other is how cool gospel would sound with a Bee Gees-esqe rhythm. To this day, we occasionally intro the live version of ‘Accomplice’ with the Bee Gee's classic disco anthem ‘Staying Alive.’"