Earlier this year, Surfer Blood guitarist Thom Feteke revealed he’s battling a rare form of cancer. He’s now released a solo album dubbed Burner, and all proceeds will go toward his treatment.

Today (Dec. 14), Feteke shared album track “Treason.” The guitarist’s vocals barely make it out from beneath a wave of fuzz and crackle. Stream the song below and then check out Burner’s complete 11-song track list at the bottom of the page.

The album is comprised of bedroom recordings Feteke made following two surgeries and just prior to undergoing chemotherapy:

Sometime between March and June of 2015 while healing from two surgeries and starting chemotherapy, I hunched over my four track and created this disaster. No multiple takes, no expensive mics, no outside direction…just me in my bedroom with a very cheap, bare bones setup.

Some of these songs reflect on good times, days I'm able to walk on my own, talk, and function like a somewhat normal human being. Others remind me of barfing between vocal takes, wheel chairs, dilaudid withdrawals, and tears, from my family, my spouse, my dear friends. However, like everything in my life, I did manage to find some humor in my situation, and I hope that helps level out all the heavy stuff.

Burner is out now on Joyful Noise; you can purchase a digital download or a limited-edition cassette. You can also contribute to Feteke’s GoFundMe page or donate $10 right here and receive unreleased tracks from Surfer Blood, Guided By Voices, Yo La Tengo, Cults, Real Estate, Lou Barlow and more.

Burner Track List
1. "Loser Uncle"
2. "Ocean"
3. "Weather Press"
4. "Roll On River (Andy Boay)"
5. "Banklet"
6. "Knife Bank"
7. "Treason"
8. "Problems"
9. "Gold"
10. "Melk Mustache"
11. "Pick Up The Things That You Need"

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