Chris Hess and Adam Winn's catalog cascades in and out of genres, diving and dipping into indie rock and dance lows and climbing psychedelic rock peaks while maintaining the overall feel of a humble folk group.

Recently, the duo completed more than a full-length's worth of sun-kissed vintage tunes in between a zig-zagging tour schedule that took their team from New York to L.A. to Florida. And in that batch of songs, one of Swimm's biggest fan found a new favorite.

"'Souvenir' is my Dad's favorite song by [Swimm]," Hess told "And the thing is, I feel like for his generation, they were trying to write music their parents would hate, but I try to write songs my parents would like, because I feel like they are cooler than me. So anytime they say they have a favorite song, I get stoked. [Laughs]"

"I guess 'Souvenir' kinda represents the ADD nature of our music in general," Hess added. "It started off as a folk song and ending in sort of a dream-dance song; we never wanna force ourselves into any areas, but if it feels natural to go to a place, then we don't wanna avoid it."

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