Guided By Voices

Watch Guided by Voices Perform at Their Own Tribute Show
Following the announcement of their official breakup, Guided by Voices subsequently cancelled their scheduled performance at Fort Wayne, Indiana's C2G Music Hall on Oct. 25. In response to the band's news and cancellation, the venue then scheduled a GBV tribute show for the very same night…
10 Best Guided by Voices Songs
Robert Pollard was a schoolteacher from Dayton who spent his spare time writing British Invasion-kissed garage-rock songs with bizarre titles for his band Guided by Voices, a ragtag group that mostly included drinking buddies from his neighborhood...
Yet Another Album
If you're like us, you barely have time to digest each new Guided by Voices album before Robert Pollard has another one ready to go. Today (Dec. 21), the band announced that their next album, 'English Little League,' will be released on April 30.
Guided by Voices Announce New Album, Third of 2012
Isn't about time for another Guided by Voices album? The Dayton, Ohio-based indie legends have announced a Nov. 13 release date for 'The Bears for Lunch,' their third album of 2012. The 19-track, 43-minute disc is also the 19th full-length platter of their prolific career.

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