A native of Los Angeles and son of a composer, Beck Hansen ascended the underground music scene in the early ‘90s with his anti-folk and genre-bending experimentation. He released two albums on indies before signing to DGC, but it was the one-off hip-hop indulgence ‘Loser’ (from 1994’s ‘Mellow Gold’) that thrust him into the mainstream. Although initially perceived by some as a novelty act, Beck used his increased resources and creative freedom to branch out into a wide array of artistic directions. From the electronica-tinged ‘Odelay’ (1996) and the futuristic funk of ‘Midnite Vultures’ (1997) to the acoustic confessionalism of Sea Change (2002) and orchestral ‘Morning Phase’ (2014), Beck has proved he’s one of the most important and daring songwriters of his generation.

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