Ben Folds

Ben Folds Five, ‘Ben Folds Five Live’ – Album Review
It may not be much of a stretch to call Ben Folds the Liberace of the pop world. In terms of musicianship and sheer showmanship, Folds is a master of his craft, and it's doubtful that the glittery showman would disagree with the comparison. The singer's skills are quite evident on Ben Folds Five's first live album, appropriately titled 'Ben Folds Five Live.' The trio, consisting of Folds on piano
Ben Folds Five Launch Crowdsourcing Initiative to Fund New Album
Ben Folds Five have launched a crowdsourcing campaign to fund their new album -- and reached more than 85% of their undisclosed goal only six hours in, with more than 1,200 pledges. Check a track from the forthcoming record on the campaign's site and make a donation if you wish -- surely beginning your week with good indie rock karma.