Big Star

‘Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me’ – Film Review
One of the things we take for granted in the current musical climate is how easy it is to find music. We hear about a new band or an older act we've missed along the way, and with just a few clicks, we're granted instant access. Nothing of value is likely to go unheard again, which means there will …
Big Star, ‘Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me’ – Album Review
It’s pretty much accepted now that Big Star are one of the most influential bands of the past 40 years, even though nobody bought their records when they came out in the ‘70s. Thanks to a steady stream of indie rockers who’ve declared their love for the power-pop group – starting with early-‘80s pio…
10 Best Big Star Songs
An entire legion of fans consider Big Star one of the great lost groups of all time. They're right. All three of their albums are worth owning, but we've broken down the 10 Best Big Star Songs for your playlist.