Dinosaur Jr.

Dinosaur Jr. Cover Phoenix Single ‘Entertainment’ [Listen]
It took nearly four years for Phoenix to follow their breakthrough album 'Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix' with 'Entertainment,' the lead single off their forthcoming follow-up disc, 'Bankrupt!' By contrast, in the four weeks since the song's release, Dinosaur Jr. have managed to record and release their own version.
Dinosaur Jr., ‘Pierce the Morning Rain’ – New Video
Dinosaur Jr. have unveiled yet another star-studded video for a tune off their latest album, 'I Bet On Sky.' This time around, in the band's 'Pierce the Morning Rain' clip, actor James Urbaniak ('Homeland,' 'American Splendor') portrays a family man obsessed with acquiring the most slamming car stereo possible. He appears alongside stand-up comedian Maria Bamford, who portrays his wife, and punk l
Frank Black, Kim Gordon and Johnny Marr Join Dinosaur Jr. Onstage
There's no reason to expect a historic show when you go to see a 30-year-old band. That's not really the way rock works – especially the punk and indie variations. If you don't burn out, you fade away, putting out records that weakly echo the blissfully heedless days (and charging $100 for bad seats) or slipping into retirement.
Johnny Marr to Join Dinosaur Jr. for New York City Show
Guitarist Johnny Marr will join Dinosaur Jr. during a one-off performance set for this December in New York City. Marr will be one of three special guests sitting in with Dinosaur Jr. at the gig, during which the band will celebrate the 25th anniversary of 'You're Living All Over Me.'
Kurt Cobain Asked J Mascis to Join Nirvana – Twice
J Mascis, the frontman and only constant member of alternative heroes Dinosaur Jr., was almost a member of Nirvana. In a new interview, Mascis confirms long-believed rumors that Kurt Cobain asked him to be the band's second guitarist after a show at Maxwell's in Hoboken, N.J, in the summer of 1989.

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