Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple Twists Willy Wonka for Chipotle Clip
Fiona Apple may not look like she puts down to many of Chipotle's gargantuan, 37-pound burritos, but there must be something about the Mexican-food franchise that got her to cover a song for one of the company's buzzed-about video clips about the evils of factory farming.
10 Best Fiona Apple Lyrics
Since releasing her debut, ‘Tidal,’ in 1996, Fiona Apple has amassed a devoted cult following. And yet her career has been shrouded in mystery, what with her reclusive personality, increasingly lengthy hiatuses between albums and frequent concert cancellations.
Fiona Apple Busted for Weed – Shocking Rock Stories of 2012
Hitting the road earlier this year for her first tour in five years (and supporting her first album in seven), Fiona Apple must've been thrilled with how things were going -- until a fateful day in September, when, during a routine stop of her tour bus in the Texas border town of Sierra Blanca, she …

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