Simon and Garfunkel vs. fun. – Song Parallels
When critics write about fun.'s music, they often talk about the band's obvious influences -- particularly the way their stacked vocal harmonies mimic the sound of Queen. But the title track from their 'Some Nights' album brings to mind an older -- and far folkier -- act.
fun., ‘Some Nights’ – Top Albums of 2012
The disempowering of major labels due to the digital revolution has caused, among other trends, a blurring between the lines of indie and mainstream pop. A symbol of that interweaving is the auto-showtune, Kanye-meets-Queen ballast of fun., featuring power-piped frontman Nate Ruess. Dude was a membe…
Fun., ‘Some Nights’ – Song Review
Music is awesome: It’s easy to forget this among the twitter slapfests and ugly breakups -- but you’ll remember when a new track has you dancing around your room. It is to the songs that get us to scream in our cars, stomp on our floors, and lip sync on the subway tha…
Fun. Go to War in New ‘Some Nights’ Video
It's been one of 2012's hits that just won't quit, but the guys in fun. know they can't count on everyone to keep listening to 'We Are Young' forever, so they've done the right thing and served up a new single and video from their 'Some Nights' album.

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